au naturel - drawing the nude Exhibition Statement

Charcoal on paper is, for me, the soul of all media.
Faced with a sheet of beautiful white paper and a stick of willow charcoal there are no escape routes, no ways to disguise, no distractions such as colour, and no second chances. Just a purity.
The paper can be soft and yielding or hard and brittle, smooth or textured, and the charcoal can glide or drag over it or crumble into it. Fingers can explore the possibilities.
Add the model into this mix – so much more than muscles, skin and bones. Empathy with the model, with the desire to depict the unadorned human form, with no costumes or background to seduce the eye, is paramount. Together you strive to make a work of art and suggest a meaning or mystery to it.
How exciting to draw a line, black on white, and start the journey! Glenys Buzza

The work is "very fresh and full of beautiful energy". Ginny Grayson, Bachelor of Fine Arts with Distinction, RMIT, Melbourne. Lecturer in drawing at RMIT and Monash Universities.

Updated January 2024-

Glenys' work has exhibited at:

The exhibition will take place from September to December 2022. Glenys' artwork is the charcoal man with his arm on a knee.

Glenys' artwork is being exhibited at The Villa on Kaiserweg (Villa on Emperor way), built in the 16th century and is located next to Persenbeug Castle, where Austria's last emperor Karl was born.
Her artwork will be exhibited next to the works of art by Gustav Klimt, Friedensreich Hundertwasser, Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol, Gerhard Richter as well as next to the exhibition to the imperial history of Austria.

This exhibition is being organized by MAMAG Modern Art Museum in the historical area of Nibelungengau - Wachau in the Villa am Kaiserweg (Villa on Emperor way) in Persenbeug.


Curator Joe Hansen and Cristina Madini

Via Raffaele Cadorna 28
00187 Roma Italia

Amazing works, paintings, photos and sculptures that you can use for any project and space. These works were selected for you and they come from all over the world. There are a lot of news to start the new season of art in Rome.
The event gives a great opportunity to invest into international art, and it is a window for the well-established artist as well as for young talent. Visitors can expect a variety of paintings, photography art, urban art, sculptures, videos in different styles and media.

On Display in Rome

Artists: Daniel Agra, Ralph Aiken, Brian Avadka Colez, Steve Bicknell, Glenys Buzza, Lara Caccavo, Yenny Carruyo, Marco Casalena, Dénes Csasznyl, Marie-Pierre de Gottrau, Onno Dröge, Tom Dugdale, Torhild Frøydis Eid, Margarita Felis, Natasscha Girelli, Elena Gonzalez Muñoyerro, Michael Jiliak, Chikara Komura, Alexandra Kordas, Lize Krüger, Cinzia Inglese, Constanza Laguna Roldán, Angelika Lialios Freitag, Linda Liao, Fiona Livingstone, Marcia Lorente Howell, Karl Weiming Lu, Lise Lykke, Judith Minks, Fanou Montel, Susan Nalaboff Brilliant, Cox Nathanael, Aude Nguyen, Ann Palmer, Alessio Pistilli, Sal Ponce Enrile, Erwin Rios, Belle Roth, Irene Strolz-Taferner, Serina Tara, Kari Veastad, Stéphane Vereecken, Victoria V, Paige Wallwork, Joanna Wojtal-Kalinowska

Instagram: rossocinabro_gallery
Twitter: @rossocinabro
Facebook: rossocinabro
Youtube: rossocinabro

See Glenys' art at: copy link and paste in browser, click on figurative works

Coming up soon:

Glenys' art works will be part of the "SHEROES" exhibition in the Visual Display at "Grimandi Art Gallery", New York from March 8th to 29th, 2024


See Glenys' Art Works in the 'Visual Display' at Booth 107 between April 4th to the 7th, 2024 at "ART-EXPO, Manhattan, NEW YORK. Organised by "Circle Art" in callaboration with Artavita.




Conte chalk on paper 56x42cm

The Male Body 2
Charcoal on paper 60x53cm

Charcoal on paper 63x46cm

Charcoal on paper 70x56cm

Sleeping Nude 2
Charcoal on paper 25x41cm

My Thoughts Are My Own
Charcoal 70x53cm

Charcoal on paper 72x44cm

Mixed Media 44x37cm

The Muse 1
Charcoal on paper 72x44cm
Available, PAKS Gallery

Castle Hubertendorf

A Quiet Time
Charcoal on paper 52x39cm

Beneath the Surface
Charcoal 22x14cm

Ink on Japanese paper 17x13cm

From My Window
Conte, 50x30cm

Conte on Paper, 48x47cm

Two on a Sofa
Charcoal, Conte, Pastel, 55x41cm

Through the Window
Framed Conte 31x18cm

Time Out
Charcoal & Pastel 46x72cm


Sleeping Nude 3
Conte on Japanese paper 20x32cm

Conte on paper 57x42cm

Vietnam Veteran
Charcoal on paper 66x47cm

Woman in Red
Framed Conte on paper 72x36cm

At Rest
Charcoal on paper 23x46cm
Artist's Collection

Peace 3
Charcoal on paper 45x50cm

Woman with Cushion
Charcoal & Pastel on paper 44x74cm

Nude on Stool
Charcoal on ricepaper 69x40cm

Impressions of Maturity
Charcoal on paper 66x55cm

Portrait Perspectives
Charcoal on paper

Monoprint 25x15cm

Conte on paper

Annie in Boots
Charcoal on paper 72x27cm

Woman Reading 1
Charcoal on paper

Charcoal on paper 58x23cm
On Exhibition, PAKS Gallery

Castle Hubertendorf

Woman Reading 2
Charcoal on paper 42x73cm

Charcoal 76x55cm

A Good Book 1
Mixed Media on paper 32x61cm

A Good Book 2
Charcoal on paper 27x67cm

Woman with Blue Blanket
Mixed Media on paper 46x71cm


Charcoal on paper 50x32cm

Conte on paper 45x60cm

Peace 2
Mixed Media on paper 59x46cm

Charcoal on paper, 56x45cm

Study "a"
Charcoal on paper, 60x25cm

Mateship, Charcoal on paper, 69x47cm

At Peace, Conte Chalk on paper, 65x45cm

Isplation, Conte Chalk on paper, 45cmx45cm

Rosie, Charcoal on paper, 69x46cm

Second Lockdown, Pen and Ink on paper

Brotherhood, Charcoal on paper, 55x36cm

Untitled Nudes, Conte Chalk on paper, 60x52cm

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