A changing selection of original works are on view at the following gallery.
Contact gallery to ascertain number of works on view.

Daly Street, Daylesford
Victoria, Australia
ph +61 3 5348 3211 www.theconvent.com.au

Lagoon- Egrets. Gouache 103x70cm

The First Rains- Brolgas Gouache 92x64cm

The Warmth of the Sun. Gouache 69x102cm


The Long Hot Summer. Gouache 66x97cm


Just A Glimpse- Lyrebird. Brush and Ink 27x32cm


Song and Dance Act- Lyrebird. Brush & Ink 23x33cm


Conclusion of the Day- Brolga. Gouache 49x18cm

Swamp Silence- Darters. Gouache 46x17cm

Willie Wagtail. Brush & Ink 23x31cm

Fairy Wren. Brush & Ink 24x20cm

Evening-Heron. Gouache


River Watch- Darters. Gouache 101x68cm

Last Rays of the Sun.Gouache 46x65cm

Sun on Old Bones 66x99cm



Australian Crane. Gouache 49x12cm

Lagoon. Gouache 50x41cm

Red-tailed Black Cockatoos. Brush & Ink 60x40cm






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